22 October 2018

ATC Manager 2 - Text Commands Tutorial

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Text Comands Tutorial

Enable text commands

To enable text commands you have to go into advanced settings.

Open advanced settings

Then switch the “Text commands” to “On”

Enable text commands

Command formats

Commands are case insensitive

Changing heading

<airplane callsign> HDG <heading in degrees>

<airplane callsign> turn <heading in degrees>

<airplane callsign> turn left heading <heading in degrees>

e.g DLH213 turn left heading 200

Changing altitude

<airplane callsign> alt <flightlevel or altitude in feet>

<airplane callsign> climb and maintain <flightlevel or altitude in feet>

DLH213 alt fl230

Changing “Direct to”

<airplane callsign> dct <waypoint/runway callsign>

<airplane callsign> direct <waypoint/runway callsign>

<airplane callsign> direct to <waypoint/runway callsign>

e.g DLH213 dct EH11

Changing speed

<airplane callsign> spd <speed in knots>

<airplane callsign> increase speed <speed in knots>

<airplane callsign> reduce speed <speed in knots>

<airplane callsign> reduce speed to <speed in knots>

e.g DLH213 spd 200


<airplane callsign> takeoff

<airplane callsign> clear for takeoff

e.g DLH213 clear for takeoff


<airplane callsign> go around

<airplane callsign> goaround

e.g DLH213 go around

Target State (VFR)

<airplane callsign> extend <vfr state>

e.g DLH213 extend downwind

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