09 June 2019

Markdown viewer for windows

Door: Sem Postma

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Want a very simple, windows-themed, clean and easy to use markdown viewer? Checkout Mardownify: https://www.microsoft.com/p/markdownify/9npgxqvzj8c0

The Microsoft store is packed with markdown viewers and editors. Most of the markdown apps are too expensive and overly complex. Some of those apps are already very old and don’t adhere to the windows 10 theme.

Markdownify is a simple and effective markdown/text file viewer. You can open any file in the markdown format. Markdownify can also view HTML files.

Source code: Github


Markdown Viewer


Click “File”->”Open” button in the toolbar to open files. You can also drag files into the app.

File Associations


  • markdown
  • mdown
  • mkdn
  • md
  • mkd
  • mdwn
  • mdtxt
  • mdtext
  • text
  • Rmd


  • html
  • htm
  • xhtml
  • dhtml
  • phtml
  • jhtml
  • mhtml
  • rhtml
  • shtml
  • zhtml

Other releases:

You can check out the latest releases on Github or follow the latest releases through the Newsfeeder app:

A newsfeeder follow button for markdownify releases.

Download latest version: https://www.microsoft.com/p/markdownify/9npgxqvzj8c0

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