20 January 2020

Batch exporting Adobe Illustrator data sets

Door: Sem Postma

Batch exporting Adobe Illustrator data sets image
Important: Data sets should not have invalid characters for filenames like: \ / : * ? “ < >
  • Open a random document
  • Create a new “Save” action where you simply save the file as a pdf document, Don’t forget to uncheck “View PDF after saving”
  • Select the action and click on the hamburger button (the 3 horizontal lines) in the top right, click “Batch”
  • Select your “Save” action
  • Choose “Data Sets” as the source (you should see “No options available”)
  • Choose a destination
  • Check Override Action “Save” Command
  • File Name: Choose either File + Data Set Name or Data Set Name. _Make sure your dataset names have valid filename characters so none of these: \ / : * ? “ < > _
  • Click “Ok”

If you’re getting this error: current values have not been captured and will be discarded upon switching data sets. Proceed?, please refer to “Clean data sets”

Clean data sets


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